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This is what EVO does.

you feed it:
* 8 keyword phrases.
* Thumbnail images. (as many as you like they are chosen randomly or sequentially.)
* Article content. (Uses spintax so each video / Site produced has unique content)

1. Creates 8 x highly optimised Live Streamed Videos based on your keyword phrases.

(Note, you can supply EVO with as many or few videos as you like, each video created
by the EVO software is 100% Unique, meaning once you've created the project you can
re run it unlimited times and it produces unique videos and sites every time.)

2. a) Then creates a YouTube Playlist.. named after the first keyword phrase you entered in the software.
b) EvO allows you to enter the URL of any YouTube Video to be Played First in that Playlist.
Meaning the playlist will rank well in YouTube and Google Organic and send traffic to the Video of your Choice.

3. EVO then Creates:

a) A Google Site, named after the first keyword phrase entered in the software.
Then 7 Highly Optimised Internal Google Site Pages based on the keyword phrases supplied.
These rank very well in google organic.

b) EVO embeds the previously created Live Stream Videos on these internal Pages.
Giving SEO juice to the Videos just created and tiered links to the links inside the
description of the videos that you supplied. or GMB Citations etc.

c) EVO Embeds the YouTube Playlist created.
Which helps these rank in Google Organic.

4. EVO then creates a PDF Document and lists all the links created above to the
YouTube Live Stream Videos.
YouTube Playlist.
Google Site URL
Google Site Internal Pages URL's

5. EVO Uploads this PDF to

6. EVO Embeds this PDF document on all the Google Site Internal Pages.

In short:
You supply links in the description of the videos.
These videos are embedded on a Google site to provide tiered links to the links you supplied.
The links to the videos are provided on a PDF which is hosted on for more tiered links.
This PDF is embeded on Google sites providing even more tiers to the links you want to rank in Google.
Noting these links get discovered over time to present some natural link velocity in googles eyes.

7. EVO then supplies you this PDF to your computer for your records.
So you can easily look up past projects, which are time stamped.
You can supply these as proof of work to clients if that suits your biz model.

In Short this is what you call 100% Automated Niche Relevant Google Stacking .

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Evo Discounted
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 EVOIII runs on PC with Window 10 set to English language or Windows VPS Only

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