Order Google / Youtube Accounts Here

These google accounts are created to be "Human Like" as possible, the opposite to spam accounts.

This is how we create them.
All this done below.

1. Gmail setup:
A. Input email username
B. Input American name
C. Input phone number
D. Input OTP code
E. Done

2. Subscribe newsletter:
A. Go to morningbrew.com (Log in with Google Account.)
B. Input email address
C. Done

3. Setup
Gmail profile:
A. Input profile photo
B. Input gmail inbox themes
C. Setup history of youtube and location to "OFF"
D. Setup less secure to "ON" 4.

4. Setup Youtube channel:
A. Create channel
B. Input Channel art
C. Verify the channel using phone number

5. Setup Blogger:
A. Setup blogger domain
B. Setup blogger description
C. Make a first blog post

6. Setup Twitter account:
A. Input email address
B. Input American username the same with Gmail account.
C. Go to Gmail to verified the email from Twitter.
D. Profile Pic

Plus we login to other sites using the g00gle account, just like real people do.

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