Books for Black Boys

Akil Learns His Hidden History

Written and Illustrated by Micha’el Roach

A brand-new book “Akil Learns His Hidden History” written and illustrated by Micha’el Roach. This children’s book focuses on the enslavement of New Jersey blacks in 1818 and how a young kid named Akil comes to grips with discovering our history.

This book is best for boys and girls ages 6-12, as it presents them to a major and emotionally active topic in a caring context. It offers historical content and cultural importance that parents will be proud to share with their children.

Akil is a young kid living in New Jersey who is curious about his history. One day while he’s at school, Akil learns more about the enslavement of African Americans in his state. He can’t think this part of history was never taught to him previously.

Baffled and overloaded, Akil chooses to ask his grandma for aid. His grandma, being a descendant of enslaved African Americans, is the best individual to turn to. She informs Akil the story of her forefathers and how they were brought to New Jersey versus their will. She likewise describes the significance of discovering our history.

Akil is so moved by his grandma’s story that he chooses to honor his forefathers by writing a poem about their experiences. He shares it with his school, hoping it will motivate other kids to get more information about their history.

The book likewise consists of a lovely collection of illustrations by Micha’el Roach that bring the story to life. The illustrations assist children understand the tough subject in a visual and meaningful way.

At the end of the book, Akil has actually gotten a much better understanding of African American history. He likewise learns to value his forefathers and the battles they withstood.

This book is a terrific way to present children to African American history. It’s an effective story that will assist them get in touch with their heritage and find out about the significance of discovering their history. So, if you’re searching for a book to teach your children about African American history, then “Akil Learns His Hidden History” is a terrific option.

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