Fix Leaking Showers By Epoxy Grout

Regrouting Ceramic Tiles As Well As Repairing Leaking Showers

Have you got a shower that looks terrible?

The cement is discoloured as well as pitted.

Mould keeps appearing no matter just how often you clean it.

The silicone is gross as well as your can see mould below it or maybe you can see water damage starting to appear around the shower.

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Prevent an expensive washroom improvement by letting us fix your dripping shower.

We specialise out of commission dripping showers without having to eliminate any type of tiles. We do this by re-grouting, as well as changing old silicone. We can have your shower water tight as well as looking entirely changed within a day.

Dripping Showers Sealed is a washroom repair expert firm as well as can advise you on whether merely resealing the cement, or doing a complete regrouting as well as sealing solution will certainly be best for your washroom.

Can you bear in mind just how glossy as well as new your washroom once looked?

Allow us bring your washroom back to life with a expert tidy as well as new cement!

Repair Leaking Showers by changing the old cement as well as changing it with epoxy cement.

Deterioration as well as structure motions of your home can weaken the original seal of your shower base in time. Hairline cracks form in your cement as well as this begins to weaken the cement. This enables stains, mould development as well as floor tile motion.

This can easily be fixed for a portion of the expense of a washroom improvement.

New Grout Will Make A Difference

Grout is extremely porous as well as this indicates it stains easily as well as can end up being impregnated with persistent stains as well as gives a terrific foothold for mould to begin expanding in.

Grout will certainly begin to weaken if harsh chemicals are used as well as permitted to remain on the cement.

What is the first thing individuals grab when cleaning a washroom– Ammonia as well as chlorine based cleaners. These are damaging to all surfaces in time, and afterwards we likewise include some scrubbing brushes to actually scrub the cement tidy.

The more you tidy as well as scrub it, you really weaken it as well as this is within mould can obtain a foot hold withing the cement. which gives mould a far better opportunity of flourishing.

Repair Leaking Showers

Do not Restore your entire washroom because of a dripping shower.

Just Regrout Your Shower as well as think of restoring your washroom in a couple of more years

Regrouting as well as sealing your shower will certainly have it looking tidy as well as fresh as well as more significantly– All the fresh as well as future waterproofing troubles are rectified.

Not just does it cost a lot much less, however it’s faster as well as a lot much less work than a full shower room improvement. .

Make an appointment currently as well as have your tiles waterproofed, repaired as well as sealed.

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