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What you get

Cashed up Business's who's names you know are awaiting your call today. As a representative of the company that approved their business loan.

You already have the credibility in their eyes, now use our training to consolidate converting these leads into long term SEO Clients.

  • Companies already approved for Government Grants between 100K and 2 Million Dollars.
  • They have already been qualified as requiring your SEO Services.
  • You have their company name and contact Person.
  • These companies are waiting on your call as a representative of the company that gave them the loan. 
  • Proven strategies to convert these leads into Long Term Monthly Paying SEO clients. 

Comphrehensive Training provided, including a simple though incredibly effective Script.

100% exclusive leads

Per Lead

  • Date Lead was collected.
  • Contacts Name
  • Company Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Name of the representative that they spoke with.
  • Name of the Government loan they've already been approved for

* example lead sheet

You get a proven to convert script to use over the phone to convert this lead.

Plus you'll get a specific strategy used to successfully secure this lead.

Increase your business's gross revenue by 20% to 200%!

You can use as many leads as you require to gain as much revenue increase as you can handle. Our Leads are cashed up and want you to help them grow their business.

It's the Ultimate Win Win Situation. 

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2 x Exclusive Seo Leads


10 x Exclusive Seo Leads


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