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NOTE:  Brute Force SEO – The Revenge runs on PC with Windows 10/11 set to English language or Windows VPS

Who Is Peter Drew &What IS Brute Force SEO?

Hi, I'm Peter Drew, developer of Brute Force SEO "The Revenge" EVO III.  I've been a professional SEO and software developer since 1995. This software is called EVO III because it is the third edition of the Brute Force SEO software.  

EVO 2 was released back in 2008.  10 years of hard work has gone into this software.

Just over 5 million lines of hand written code is what makes this possible.

There is NOTHING in the SEO software space that comes close to what EVO III does! We basically have No Competitors.

Here's How The Software Works And What It Can Do For You

This is how the software works...

You feed it content.

* Title (Keywords you’d like to rank for, plus we use Spintax technology to ensure each run is unique)

* Description (article, and we use Spintax tech) ((links))

* Thumbnail images.

* Our software uses spintax, so all content supplied is spun and can be reused consistently. e.g once a project is created, you can just restart it over and over and all content created will be 100% unique from any previous project run, taking only a minute of your time to start each project.

It Creates Video files.
The software creates unique video files based on the video/s you supply, but it does more than that, it adds your images content to the front and rear of the video at random durations, making each video EVO creates unique from any future ones created, meaning you can use the same video content over and over for as long as you like. 

Supply Keyword Phrases

You supply the software 8 keyword phrases.

The software, LIVE streams 8 videos based on the terms you’ve supplied. Each video optimised to suit your keyword phrase supplied.

So it live streams 8 unique videos, from the videos you supplied, you can supply as many or few videos as you like, the software randomly chooses a video each time it live streams.

It creates a Youtube Playlist, based on the first keyword phrase you enter into the software.

It puts the 8 live stream videos inside this playlist. 

These Playlists RANK better than your typical optimised YouTube Live Stream video in Google organic, which is a bonus.. 

Obviously Playlists rank hard in YouTube organic, that’s what we were going for, but we found they out rank live stream videos in Google organic aswell.

It gets better...

You can supply “Any” Video URL which is then placed at the TOP of the playlist.. 

So you’ve got a highly optimised content playlist and you can put any video at the top of this playlist.

Remember this is 100% Automated, you can watch it all happening without touching the software once you've done the above.

(Which Keyword Phrases do I use? Don’t worry, we’ve got that covered in the training supplied.)

EVO then creates a new Highly Optimised Google site on Google Sites...
 a site that Google naturally absolutely LOVES

(Again using the Keyword phrases you’ve supplied).

First Keyword phrase given is the title of the site created.

The 7 other keyword phrases are used to create individual optimised pages based on the terms supplied. 

Each page has an image posted, that you supplied.

Plus an embed of the video of the same keyword phrase..

Plus an embed of the playlist containing all the videos.

Plus a spun version of the article supplied.

and links supplied are also placed in these pages.

*** It gets better.

At the bottom of each of these pages are links to 5 other sites created by our other members..

And 5 links to your site go out to 5 other sites giving your site a ton of link love. Your links are on sites that have other sites linking to them on and on etc. 


Plus EVO creates a PDF with all the links created in this project, and uploads it and makes it public and readable by Google

It then Creates an Embed of this PDF on each of the internal pages of your new Optimised Google site.

Click Thru Rate Go Through The Roof!

That YouTube URL you entered in the software is now being viewed in the background by other EVO softwares around the Globe. 

Meaning, any Video URL you drop in EVO will get viewed from around the world. 

Showing the YouTube Search Algo that this video is popular and bumps it up in the recommended viewing results and search results. 

Plus These other members EVO Softwares are Liking and subscribing to your videos... all done in the background. 

We’ve designed the software above, in such a way that it generates a TON of YouTube Carousels on first page of Google. Particularly if that niche doesn’t have much video content about it, most likely in many local niches.

You’ll get a video carousel presenting all your videos.. which is why I really focus on teaching my customers to use amazing video thumbnails to supply the software, so when they appear as a carousel, it’s mind blowing..  ranking GOOGLE Business Profile, formerly known as Google MY BUSINESS,

GBP’s or previously known as GMB’s

If you need citations.. this software is brilliant, you can drop your Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP) in there, and it’s blasted everywhere as you can see. All on trusted entities like Google owned YOutube videos, Google Sites, Google Docs, Blogs and lots more. 

This software ranks GBP’s or GMB’s hard and fast.

High chances the images you supplied in the software can appear in the images section of the first page of Google aswell. 

We supply access to special google accounts which we’ve termed, “Human Shield Accounts?, which I've developed and have a team pumping them out at reasonable rates for our customers. These accounts in Googles eyes appear to be created by and used by humans, thus avoiding spam penalties. 

One thing I’ve learned over the years, is a lot of seo’s don’t pay attention to Google accounts and they get closed all the time.. why? 

They are using what looks to a spam algo as spam accounts.

The accounts we supply are humanised.. meaning the spam algos see them and they look just like a normal google account, that people use...

connected to various different websites around the web..

… have their own blogger accounts associated with them and being used.

… gmail created and being used. 

… Live stream enabled.. 

When EVO creates videos using our accounts, the videos are automatically embedded on a blogger blog.

The blog post is tweeted out. 

A tweet is sent out with a link to your video.

All done 100% automated. 

This Leads To What We See In Search Results On Google And YouTube 


Complete coverage of the first page.

Including Ranking GMB's of course.

Live Stream Videos Ranked first page Google.

"PlayLists" Ranked Above the Live Streamed Videos.

Google Sites ranked. 

Video carousels including if not all your Live Streamed videos (which is why using Thumbnail images that convert is important, cause they'll land big and bright in video carousels.

Image Packs.. You're thumbnails can be displayed first Page Google in the "Image Packs"

The above is just the Video component. 

Your EVO-generated sites rank extremely well and often land first page of Google for your chosen terms, particularly "Local" 🙂

Stacking... Google stacks are the best, as we all know. 

Each project created by EVO is one very healthy Google Stack in and of itself.


Then you can put the links created by one project in another Project and have a stack on a stack, ad infinitum.. We do this to go for the tougher terms and push your site or customer's actual website to Page 1 in more competitive arenas.. 

The best thing about Stacks is, you can load up as many links to these sites without too many links too fast going to the site you are ranking, thus protecting it very nicely. 

Now onto YouTube..

Each project creates 8 highly optimised and "Unique" Live Streamed YouTube videos. These rank extremely well in the YouTube Search index. 

This exposes your brand all over YouTube for your chosen terms.

EVO III creates a Playlist and puts ANY YouTube URL as the first video in this play list, and then completes it with the optimised Live Streamed Videos it just made for you.

As we all know if you want to game YouTube Search, Playlists are what rank hard... particularly if the content inside them is all matched. 

(What this means is, you can put your Clients YT Video URL at the front of the playlist, when it ranks the views go to your Clients Video instantly driving relevant targeted traffic to it. Or a Video of your own, perfect for people starting their own YouTube channels.)

You can send traffic in any niche to any video using this strategy.

So you want traffic?

Too easy, EVO now allows you to drop any YouTube URL in the software to be viewed by the other software clients in our membership.

Meaning, you'll get views and views, the more in the membership the more views and... 

your videos will also get Real Views from people all over the planet. 

To get your videos noticed in the YouTube Search algo.. EVO generates real views, real likes, and real comments from all over the globe. 

(What this means in real terms, is, we’ve discovered that for every single view EVO provides, this results in between 6 an 8 views coming from YouTube Search or Recommendation Algo.)

EVO III Creates 8 highly optimised Live Stream videos and populates the newly created Playlist in just over 1 hour (depending on the duration of the videos you enter in the software, longer obviously if you load up very long videos) 

So when we say, EVO III


Where's the lie?
All done 100% automated.

This video shows just how fast and easy EVO is to use!

You're Guaranteed To Rank!

Although an uphill task, it’s a goal worth pursuing. After all, a top position in the search results should skyrocket your organic click-through rates, and save you a TON of money since you no longer have use on paid traffic.

Now, a ranking on the first page won’t mean much if your website does not show on the top 3 spots.

According to a study by Backlinko, the top 3 results in organic search get 75% of all clicks!  

Our real goal is to get you ALL of the listing on the first page... or even on the first several pages 🙂

Let’s take a look at some critical findings of the Backlinko study that throw light on the value of showing up in the top spots:

The number 1 result in the organic SERPs receives an average of 31.7% of the traffic.

The second position gets 24.71% of traffic and the third position gets an average of 18.59% of all clicks.

Organic click-rates for positions 7 through 10 are all almost identical.

Moving up one spot in the SERPs will increase traffic by 30.8% on average. But that depends on which position you are moving from and to. Moving from #3 to spot #2 will give a remarkable boost in CTR. But moving from #10 to #9 or even #7 won’t make a huge difference to your traffic.

The tenth position receives an average of only 2.5% traffic.

If you have SEO clients, they will LOVE you, why? Not only have you gained top of Page 1 for their business but you have also bumped nearly all their competitors to the Second Page of Google.

Imagine Getting ALL Of The Traffic When You OWN The Top 10 Positions on Page 1!

You know, there are many people who spend as much as $20k per month trying to get ranked in Google's universal search alone. Not to mention the countless hours of time wasted banging your head against the wall.

Now, you can buy other products that range between $1997 and $4997 only to end up frustrated at your results.

Believe me, I used to be there!

Why not invest that money to guarantee yourself success instead?

Believe me, I wish I had Brute Force SEO – The Revenge when I was trying to rank my wife's site for being the expert in her baking niche. It would have saved me hours of frustrating trial and error so I can feel confident knowing my efforts are directly proportional to my system's incredible results.  You just follow the plan.

Your modest investment in EVO is only:

$1 For A 5-Day Trial
$247 Per Month


For Lifetime Access

Trial includes Brute Force SEO – “The Revenge” Full Version!

So what's the catch? Why am I practically giving this resource away?

We'll it's really quite simple. I want to give everyone, including you, the ability to get out of the SEO and Video Ranking Rat Race. I definitely wouldn't have been able to save time and money without it!Look, the truth is simple:
I want to take all your worries away and give you unshakable confidence that you will not only achieve top Google Ranking… you’ll do it with very little effort and be able to spend the money that you save on not paying for traffic to treat yourself and your family to more niceties...
So much that I’ll shoulder all the risk...
All the you need to do is use the software as we teach you.
It really doesn't get more fair than that...except for this:
I Want To Give You Some Extra Bonuses Just For Taking Action Today
You can see that the discounted price I'm offering you today is very generous.
Yet that wasn't enough. I still wasn't satisfied. I knew I could do even better.
I wanted to go way beyond the extra mile and give you some extra value-added bonuses just for taking action before the price increases.

Check out these  exclusive bonuses you receive 100% FREE by simply taking action today...



The Ultimate Maps Blaster Software
($499 Value)

Just contact support after the trail period completes, and we'll add the license to your monthly membership.. as long as you stay a member, you'll have access to The Ultimate Maps Blaster Software for as long as you are a member. 


Access To Our Exclusive Facebook Group

Access To Our Exclusive Facebook Group where not only the Brute Force SEO team will answer all of your questions, but so will other software users... some who have been using our softwares since the earlier versions... Two Decades!  

Tune in the the Private Facebook Group not just to ask questions but to also pick up tips and tactics from some serious long-time software users and SEO experts!

Already over 300 Active SEO Experts have joined to help improve our already amazing SEO Software abilities and strategies.

If you're still sitting on the fence, let me ask you a question...

How Much Is TIME Worth To You? 

If I could save you EVEN A DAY of time in your pursuit to dominate the first page of Google, wouldn't that day be worth a mere the low introductory price to you... especially when you consider the obscene prices being charged for pay-per-clicks today?

Of course it would. How precious are your moments, after all?

That's why I'm more than confident you'll take the only smart path you can take today. 

You'll decide to give EVO III a fair shot for that 30 days  I've promised you...

The ABSOLUTE WORST that can happen is that you get your entire investment back.

However, if you fail to act? You may never realize your dreams, continue on the path you're on now, or perhaps even worse:

You could waste far more money and time than this split-second "Yes" decision today will cost you, and I'm afraid to say:

You may live to regret that. And I truly desire so much more for you than that.

Will you let me save you FAR more than a day's worth of your valuable time?

Will you let EVO deliver the results you know you deserve?

Will you take the action right now that is the only decision possible if you want to change the course of your online businesses trajectory?

Say yes, and let me prove Brute Force SEO – “The Revenge”  WORKS:

$1 For A 5-Day Trial
$247 Per Month


For Lifetime Access

Trial includes Brute Force SEO – “The Revenge” Full Version!

You Say: "Will  EVO Really Get Me First Page Rankings?"

I understand!

...especially if all the other SEO solutions you've tried has failed you miserably.

Let me ease your mind:

The road to create EVO III was long and hard...

I was determined to create something that delivered MASSIVE rankings and traffic to any website!

I dedicated years of my life since 1995, to studying the search engine algorithms and testing like a madman, starting with search engines like, Ask Jeeves, Altavista, Dog Pile, Excite, then Google came along and changed the world, and we’ve been on top of it ever since and now we know that EVO III was hands-down, the solution in 2022!

Years researching and every piece of information I could get my hands on...

Countless hours obsessing over every aspect of this automated software solution...

...testing and re-testing...

...honing it to perfection.

By standing on the shoulders of giants (and thanks to some of my own unique insights), you now have at your fingertips what hundreds of new business owners hail as the best SEO and video ranking software they have ever come across. 

EVO can be the solution to your problems when everything else you've tried has failed.

And it works so consistently for others business owners like you, it's considered by many to be "Their Most Essential Business Building Tool." 

Just look at what some of them had to say:

Peter Drew

Creator Of Brute Force SEO

P.S.  If we do some quick number crunching, you'll see that this is an unbeatable bargain!

You can test this baby right now for just$1.
Yep $1 gets you into unlimited Automation. (For 5 day trial)
Unlimited Live Optimised Live Stream YouTube Videos.
Unlimited Embeds of the above Live Streamed Videos.
Unlimited Links to and from Drive.Google.com PDF docs with all your links and which accounts were used to create.
In theory, if you run EVO III Non Stop for your 5 day trial you could create approximately....


Enter 8 laser targeted Keyword Phrases, typically business type location  and it takes EVO approximately 2 hours to create all the videos, sites, links, embeds etc.

That give you 96 Videos and sites created X 5 day trial.


Total = 480

Highly optimised Ranking YouTube Live Streams and  Sites and approx 1500 embeds.

500 links to and from drive.google.com

And a ton more 🙂

All for just 1 buck.

That's like a cost of 0.04 of a cent per  Highly Optimised Live Stream Video created.

And I haven't even mentioned Views yet.. 🙂

You can enter one of those created by EVO or supply ANY YouTube URL of your own or a client to send real traffic to. Boom!!


Just in case you have a few more questions about Brute Force SEO – The Revenge , I've compiled a list of the most commonly-asked questions below...

Question: Do I  have to buy anything else to make the software work?

[ EVO runs using Google Accounts. You can use your own for testing or order as many “Human Shield Accounts from inside the EVO III FB Group or from our amazing Support Team. ]

Question:  Do I get updates to the software for free?

[All Future updates to this software are 100% completely on the house for the duration of your membership.]

Question: What keeps Google from Blocking the software?

[ If you follow the guidelines and tutorials supplied, you’ll never have any issues, the software is designed to avoid these penalties, which we’ve learned over the years to do. Additionally you can purchase a second computer license, so you can run EVO concurrently on two different machines.  ]

Question: If I get stuck is help readily available?

[ Our EVO III Facebook group is the best place to ask question, we have SEO veterans in there that gladly help. Plus we have the best Support Desk in our industry for more technical help.

Question: Can I run the software from my smartphone or tablet?

[ This software operates on any Windows PC with Windows 10 or above, or Virtual Private Servers that can be leased quite cheaply, we provide links to order them in Support.]

Question: How long does it take to get started using Brute Force SEO?

[First place to start is to watch the Video Tutorials Supplied. Then collect the Keyword Phrases you’d like to rank for, article content, image/thumbnail content. Video content. Create a project folder and put your material in there as per tutorials. Then create the project in EVO which takes around 15 20 mins the first time doing it, much easier the second time etc. That’s it press go and watch it do its content creation for you, or you can walk away and be presented with a PDF Document stored on your PC which has all the links created inside it for your convenience and also can be used to show your clients the work completed.]

Go Ahead And Order Now, It's 100% Risk Free...

$1 For A 5-Day Trial
$247 Per Month


$1 For A 5-Day Trial
$2497 One Time

Trial includes Brute Force SEO – “The Revenge” Full Version!

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