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Top 5 Advantages of the Glass beyond Plastic Fruit Blenders

I have two USB blenders.Um, this is one I bought originally.This is the Blendaco.And after that I bought the BlendJet after that.Sooo, let’s start.I have notes here and I want to tick them off as I go suitably I don’t forget things.So, I’m going to present you a comparison.This jar is glass. (fingernails ting on glass) Okay? So kind and strong.Really good to clean, um, you can put in the dishwasher.It’s not gonna, uhhh, humiliate when plastic will.This one is plastic. (fingernails ding on plastic) Now of course…the advantage is, of course, plastic is gonna be harder to break, but the glass is probably gonna last longer, as long as you’re taking care of it.Uhhh, now this — I think — I haven’t actually measured these nevertheless and I’m gonna get that now.Um, like, the skill of each one.Got water when a leaf in it.So it says 450 mls.I suppose I could check and look if it’s accurate.Um, alrighty. (water burbles as it fills) 450 mls all the exaggeration to the top.Alright.Oh, he- here we go.Look.Look.

500 ml of fruit smoothie will fit in the Blendaco!

There was two cups of water in here and that is as regards right to the very top.Alrighty, I’m gonna tip that out of there suitably I don’t create a mess. (water burbles incite into measuring jug) suitably yes, um…Oh, did I say you what the measurement was?Okay, suitably two cups was just beyond 450 mls.Going by that I’d say – let’s say, well…Two cups is 500 mls. (self-respect dies a tiny more) I know this.So 500 mls (laughing at self) will fit in here in the, um, the Blendaco.Sorry.The BlendJet. 500 mls will fit in the BlendJet.Uh, let’s go when the Blendaco.To me it looks when the jar is smaller, and I suspect it is, uh, but after that there are sure things I’m not good at and that is judging how much…judging the volume of something.Um, okay, let’s zero that out again.Not that it matters ’cause I’m not weighing it. (burble, burble, burble) Okay.Whoa.Okay- oh, there you go.They’re exactly the same.So, 500 mls for each one.

13 Ounce USB Rechargeable Fruit Blender Comes when measurements

13 Ounce USB Rechargeable Fruit Blender
usb fruit blender
usb rechargeable blender

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