Computer Pre-Requisites

The following is a list of Microsoft packages which need to be installed on your computer to successfully run our software. Some or all of these may already be installed on your machine and if so there will be a message when you run the installer to indicate that it's already installed in which case just close out of the installer.

Download and install each of the following packages in order. The x64 version of each package are for 64bit systems (which most modern Windows computers are) but if you get a message when installing that it's not valid for your system just close out of the installer and move on to the next.

1) VC++ 2013 X86 - Download and install from

2) VC++ 2013 X64 - Download and install from

3) VC++ 2015-2022 X86 - Download and install from

4) VC++ 2015-2022 X64 - Download and install from

Once you've installed the above packages check and install any windows updates on your computer then restart it and it will be ready to run the software.