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After Summer Skincare Tips

Does your skin appear dull and dehydrated after returning from vacation? Stays by the sea or in the mountains have a relaxing effect upon the mind, but unfortunately the skin is inevitably affected, gone that further summer atmospheric agents along with case in the city.

Keep calm: let’s discover the remedies for sober and dehydrated skin, to compensation to shine in view of the long winter!

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6 steps to moisturize the skin after the summer

Skin exposed to sun, wind, sand and sun dehydrates, appears asphyxiated and photo-damaged. The risk of skin aging increases because the sun accelerates the production of clear radicals and the heat helps to lower collagen.

But here are 6 in fact miraculous remedies for sober skin:

1. Exfoliating. The first step after summer always consists in exfoliating the skin of the twist and body, to eliminate dead cells, hence the increase that “dulls” the shine. Filorga offers an exfoliating lotion for the face, a re-oxygenating peeling, for a further skin effect: it performs three deeds to smooth, oxygenate and plump the facial features gone 6 substitute acids that counter wrinkles and pores.

2. Cleansing milk. sober facial skin must be sufficiently cleansed past each treatment. surgically remove make-up well, for example gone BioNike moisturizing cleansing milk, which prevents skin aging and ensures protection.

3. Moisturizer. The task of moisturizers is not to offer hydration from the outside, but to prevent it from evaporating. The moisturizing substances, in fact, hold water in the superficial layers of the epidermis. choose a specific product gone targeted formulas, such as the CeraVe SPF25 twist cream, which hence along with provides support against UV, UVA and UVB rays.

4. twist mask. gone a week at the beginning, next all 15 days, it is important to moisturize sober skin gone a nourishing mask that reduces the signs of aging and fights dullness.

5. Thermal water. It is an ally for the skin of the twist and body, to be used all year round. spray the refreshing Vichy thermal water all now and then, even after applying make-up: it helps to fix it!

6. Water. Drinking is essential, even flavored water, without forgetting to eat seasonal fruit and vegetables all day.

Now that you know all the remedies for sober skin, consult the European Pharmacy online shop, where you will find many products for body care and more!

winter tips for beautiful skin

With the coming on of the colder season, it is advisable to regulate your beauty routine (just gone for the wardrobe).

1. Mask and scrub

During this period, it is indispensable to accomplish at least two masks a week gone the aspiration of purifying and moisturizing. You could attempt the Lancome Mask – Energie de Vie Green Clay Mask: a purifying mineral clay mask, absolute to support effectively counteract imperfections and dull complexions. In addition, thanks to its green, lively and creamy formula, it cleans the skin, exoneration clogged pores and removing all impurities.

2. Super hydration

For this type of desire skin it is indispensable to use delicate and nourishing products. An excellent moisturizer will support you protect and offer the skin radiance and elasticity, both hours of daylight and night. We suggest that you smooth a moisturizer in the hours of daylight past proceeding gone your make-up and in the evening past going to sleep, hence it will statute all night. Are you looking for the absolute product for you? attempt the Clinique Moisture Surge 72H: a quick-absorbing gel-cream that ensures 72 hours of hydration. Enriched gone aloe vera, it helps the skin to create its own water reserves. In addition, thanks to its futuristic formula, it ensures double hydration at the stop of the day. The skin is immediately brighter and plumped. Even after washing your face.


3. Lips always upon top

The wind and chilly weaken our lips, and in hence doing, they tend to crack. To have soft and smooth lips, you infatuation to undertake care of them during your skincare routine. A little detail that can support you all hours of daylight is the lip balm, to always carry gone you.

Which one to choose? attempt Guerlain My Supertips My Superlips: wealthy and moisturizing, thanks to grape extracts it guarantees immediately smoother, softer and plump lips.

Have you found your further winter beauty routine? next you just have to browse our site or visit us in our Beauty Stores to purchase your favorites!

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