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Recognize and Fix Basic Problems in Your Air Condition System

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When an air conditioning unit breaks down the majority of the people often tend to call the technician to get the unit repaired. There are numerous simple points which may trigger an air-conditioning unit to shut itself down and these simple points can be quickly repaired by you saving a great deal of money. In this post I wish to clarify such usual problems that can be identified and repaired by you. Before we study air-conditioning repair I wish to advise you that at anytime if you feel something is seriously incorrect with the unit you need to call a qualified technician.

The first simple point which the majority of the people fail to examine when the unit is closed down is the electrical connection. The unit cable may not be effectively plugged or the electrical socket can have been burned, in such instances attempt linking the plug to various other socket and see if the unit runs. There are times when the plug itself can be damaged, all you need to do is eliminate the screws of the plug and explore the circuitry of the plug, if you see a burned section or loose connection of the cable you need to fix that component and your unit will certainly begin working.

The next point which is the most usual cause for the unit to shut down is blocking of the filter. It is the most neglected point by numerous. If your air conditioning unit is not working first attempt to explore the filter. You can asses if the filter is great or otherwise by doing a simple examination. Attempt to observe the filter through battery light. If the light passes quickly then the filter unit is okay and if the light does not pass then it suggest that the filter has been obstructed. Once the filter is obstructed the condensers of the unit fail to use up the air inside leading to closed down of the unit. In such instances you need to just replace the filter and allow the unit closed down for a period of 2-3 hours this will certainly permit the ice to get defrosted and the fins must have the ability to work again once you plug in the unit. Once you have replaced the filter you can also cleanse the condenser fins as they usually may be obstructed. The condenser fins must be cleaned up routinely in order to optimize the properly of the unit.

The next cause could be as a result of Freon loss, currently this may verify a difficulty for newbies so it is recommended to call a technician and closely observe just how he inspects the Freon stress. If there is a demand to replace the Freon, then you need to call a technician that has a license from the EPA.

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