Installing central heating

How does a ducted natural gas heating system work?

Fans send warm air produced by the gas heater through a series of insulated ducts in roofs, floors or ramparts .

The warm air comes into the rooms through the air vents and heats the room to the temperature set by the controller.

You can set different temperatures for each geographical zone if you get a geographical zone system . This sees that everyone in the house experiences a comfortable temperature and that those unneeded areas are not heated.

Thermostats always control the temperature of each geographical zone and make automatic adjustments . When the sought after temperature is reached, the warming is switched off until requisite again to economise energy.

Many system of rules have features such as timers, which save even more engergy and countenance more exact dominance.

Can I combine gas ducted heat with air con?

Yes , if you demand warming and chilling in your home, the same duct system can besides be used for air con to cool areas during the warmer times.

What are the advantages of gas ducted heating system?

Gas ducted heating system has many advantages compared to other heating system alternatives, such as portable heaters and reverses cycle air con.

Saving money

These systems run on natural gas which means depress linear costs than electric heaters.

Energy savings

With a zone-controlled system, alone the areas presently in use are het up . Programmable timers besides help to minimise energy usance.

Instant heat

Gas heaters ambit sought after temperatures quicker than electric systems, which take away longer to heating system up.

Improved efficiency

A ducted gas heating system is not affected by exterior temperature changes, so there is no break or loss of performance.

Increased comfort

Duct heaters extradite warm air evenly and softly . They do not draw wet from the air, which in other systems can causa dry skin, eyes and pharynx and set off asthma and allergic reactions.

Environmentally friendly

Natural gas give rises fewer greenhouse gas discharges than electricity generated by burning ember, which produces these systems more environmentally friendly.

What types of systems are there?

As with most heating system systems, there are respective alternatives for gas ducted heating . The type of system you opt will look on factors such as the size of your home, the lineaments you want and how department of energy efficient you want it to be . More efficient systems from reputable systems run to be more expensive but bequeath make unnecessary you more power in the long run.

There are two main types of organizations:

Gas ducted heating system only.

If you only when want heating system or already get air conditioning, we testament set up your gas duct organization for heating alone . The system is not typically used during the heater months of the year, so we recommend that you docket a service appointee earlier winter so our technicians can retard that the organization is still in operation at optimum efficiency.

Gas Ducted Heating with Cooling Add On

If you want a heating system and cooling system system, we install a ducted organization that incorporates gas heating system and air con . You can switch between the two organizations, use the same ductwork and vents for year-round out comfort.

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