How To Rank Google My Business Listings at Scale

The Big Idea:

To invest the least amount of work to get the maximum results and efficiently move on to the next one. 

I'm referring to the least amount of work you do personally running our software, as our suite of software is responsible for doing the heavy lifting for you, which in turn saves you hours, days, or weeks.

Content & Media Requirements To Use Software Suite

To use our SEO suite of software, we recommend preparing the following list of content and media:

  1. Images or thumbnail images
  2. Article text
  3. GMB NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) and Links
  4. Video: YouTube video URLs
  5. Keyword phrases to rank your campaigns

The most important part of the above list is #5, the keyword phrases to rank.

Pro Tip:

  • If you want to rank GMBs at scale, read the two resources below.
  • If you learn one approach or concept that helps you rank your GMBs better, faster, easier, and at scale, your time savings in achieving rankings and speed of results will be immeasurable!
  • My course covers keyword research very well, specifically, attracting and converting new leads to customers. It has received such positive feedback over and above any content I've published over the last 26 years, so I highly recommend studying this course.
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If you learn one approach or concept that helps you rank your GMBs better, faster, easier, and at scale, your time savings in achieving rankings and speed of results will be immeasurable!

Your time is precious, so it makes sense to understand how to find the best and easiest terms to rank for now, what we call "low hanging fruit" or "longtail keywords" amongst industry professionals.

Here are three reasons why this is important:

  1. Upon discovering the "easiest to rank" and "most profitable terms" in your niche, your reward will be ranking results that will be extremely easy to achieve.
  2. Your "local SEO" competition is small compared to the "national SEO" competition. Often, local SEO professionals miss the search terms that can make a massive difference to the profitability of their campaign. With what you'll learn with the two resources mentioned above, you won't make the same mistakes, and you'll increase profits and save precious time.
  3. In contrast, without understanding these concepts, you'll forge ahead with all the work at the scale needed, disregarding the practical search terms and not achieving the visibility you want for your listings. This pursuit without the research intelligence will cost you precious time, resulting in lost profits and increased frustration.

Enough said. Let's begin with our process.

5 Assets To Prepare and Organize

  • Organize all the content in one folder dedicated to each GMB listing.
  • Using a cloud storage service with structured folder organization may make your job easier for internal or remote staff usage
  • An example of the folder and sub-folder structure could look like this:
  • Main Folder Name: /GMB Name/
  • Sub-Folders inside Main Folder:





      1. Keyword Phrases:

      • Research and organize keyword phrases related to your niche and location
      • Per GMB listing, prepare 6 to 10 related keyword phrases to target/rank. Also, add target locations/cities.
      • Enter all your keyword phrases with associated locations in your GMB Rank Tracking software of choice.
      • Pro Tip 1: Once you've ranked the longtail keywords, this GMB will also rank for other keyword phrases excluded from the focus list. Why is this the case? Because this GMB listing's authority will be dramatically higher than its competitors. If chosen wisely, you will also rank for multiple variations of those terms.
      • Pro Tip 2: We suggest executing the work to rank one search term and location as proof when working with clients. From then on, rank the other search terms and locations in the following weeks and months.

      2. Images:

      • Search, purchase, edit and organize images to match your niche/topic

      3. Video:

      • Produce and organize video content and related video URLs

      4. GMB:

      • Organize your GMB's NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) and Links (anchor text link URLs)

      5. Articles:

      • Write and organize your article content

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