How To Rank Google My Business Listings at Scale

List of Software Used Accordingly:

  1. Live Rank Sniper: Test for "low-hanging fruit" results
  2. Twitter Citation and Link Monster: Leverage the power of Tweets and Moments to rank GMB for less-competitive niches/locations
  3. Ultimate GMB Maps Blaster: To boost rankings for the search terms that did not rank with the previous step
  4. GMB Dominator: To boost rankings for competitive niches and across more locations
  5. EVO III: Leverage YouTube live streams and Google Sites for influential citations to your target GMBs

Let's begin.

#1: Live Rank Sniper

What is Live Rank Sniper?

Live Rank Sniper is desktop software (Windows) that creates unique YouTube live stream videos from keyword phrases and locations entered into the software.

Why should one use Live Rank Sniper?

  • YouTube live stream videos are indexed in Google immediately.
  • As a result of immediate indexation and real-time data, it is easy to document where these live stream videos are ranking in Google. It's as simple as searching in Google for each keyword phrase you added into the software.
  • This process is easy and fast to determine if and where your videos appear in Google for each keyword phrase. You can document if all or some of your keyword phrases reveal page one rankings in a spreadsheet.

What is one use case in setting up Live Rank Sniper (LRS)?

  • In an LRS session, you can input ten keyword phrases and locations.
  • We'll use "Keyword" to represent "Keyword Phrase," and we'll use "GEO" to describe "Location" in the example below:

          * Keyword 1 GEO 1

          * Keyword 2 GEO 1

          * Keyword 3 GEO 1

  • Repeat for the second location and additional locations.
  • Keyword 1 GEO 2, Keyword 2 GEO 2, Keyword 3 GEO 3
  • Run LRS
  • When the LRS task is complete, Google search these keyword phrases.
  • Document the keyword phrases that rank on page 1.
  • Document the keyword phrases that rank on pages 2 and 3.
  • You may find page 1 rankings for many of your phrases. You may also discover video carousels appear on page 1, populated with your live stream video thumbnail images.
  • Now you have documentation of the most accessible keyword phrases to target for your GMB, from easy to rank to more challenging to rank. Sometimes, all the terms are easy to rank. Other times, more effort is required to target the challenging phrases on pages 2 and 3 in Google SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

#2: Twitter Citation and Link Monster

The software to be used next on the list is Twitter Citation and Link Monster.

Enter your GMB data.

Why should one use Twitter Citation and Link Monster (TCALM)?

  • Twitter has a potent domain for SEO use, particularly the "Twitter Moments" folder that houses published "Moments."
  • These "Moments" rank exceptionally well and effectively promote your GMB's brand visibility very quickly. 
  • Not only do they rank well, but they also provide potent links to whatever target URLs you input in the "Twitter Content" section of TCALM.
  • At times, executing a TCALM process is more than enough to rank your GMB in non-competitive niches/locations.
  • Typically, executing a TCALM cycle 2 or 3 times takes less than 10 minutes of your time to rank GMBs in less competitive niches. Rinse and repeat the process for additional locations over time.
  • If your agency serves clients, your clients will be thrilled to witness immediate results. They will regard you as an expert and take your future input in discussions seriously. We recommend repeating this TCALM cycle monthly, targeting new locations to rank. This predictable delivery of ranking results enables you to establish a profitable long-term relationship with your client.
  • With the daunting task of ranking 20,000 GMBs, this TCALM cycle could be enough to rank 20% to 50% of the GMBs. The time savings allows you to invest more time using the other software on the list to target the more competitive search terms/locations.

What is one use case in setting up TCALM?

  • Instruction: Tutorials supplied with the software will guide you through each step of the process
  • Instruction: Purchase Twitter accounts (or use your existing ones) to add credentials in TCALM for creating "Twitter Moments" and tweets
  • Tip: "Twitter Moment" titles have a 100 character cap.
  • Tip: TCALM allows the use of spintax.
  • Option 1 Title (no spintax) example:

         * Keyword 1 GEO 1

  • Option 2 Title (with spintax) example:

         * {Keyword 1 GEO 1|Keyword 1 GEO 2|Keyword 1 GEO 3}


          * {Keyword 1 GEO 1|Keyword 2 GEO 1|Keyword 3 GEO 1}

  • Links/URLs: Use your GMB URLs in TCALM as target links
  • Check your rankings in your favorite rank tracking software to check for results.
  • Perform a manual Google search to view the "Twitter Moments," and YouTube live streams in the SERPS, as your rank tracking software will not reveal the assets.
  • Screen-capture these rank results.

         * If you serve clients, send the results to your client.

         * Save these screen-capture results to the "Results" folder in this project.

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