How To Rank Google My Business Listings at Scale

I often get questions like this one below.

At this Scale, Efficiency is everything.

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Device or Computer

This document is about how to use our SEO Ranking Technology in the most efficiently.

Software Requirements

This document is about how to use our SEO Ranking Technology in the most efficiently.

What immediately comes to mind to rank these Google My Business (GMB) Listings is this combination of software:

1. Twitter Citation and Link Monster Software.

2. Maps Blaster.

3. GMB Dominator Software Package.

4. Live Rank Sniper.

5. Brute Force SEO “EVO III” The Revenge Software.

6. Rank Tracking Software.

7. Virtual Private Server (VPS) OR Computer.

  • Using a VPS or a separate computer allows multiple staff members to run instances of each of the software listed above. 
  • Typically 1 VPS per staff member. 
  • Ideally, each staff member would have use of a Windows 10 PC, plus a VPS.

Pro Tips:

  • We have a recommended VPS solution that works well with all our Software.
  • We are not affiliated with this VPS service, but we recommend it because it is cost-effective and works exceptionally well. Full disclosure: One of our private group moderators gets a small commission when this VPS service is purchased. In return, she is our VPS expert who helps you get your VPS up and running asap.

Different Levels of Competition Require Different Approaches

You might be thinking, "All this software to manage over 20,000 listings?"

That's fair, but not all software is the same. More importantly, not all GMB listings are the same either.

In the "Local SEO" world, many niches can be easy to rank. However, other niches may be very challenging.

For example, there are few competitors in small geographic areas, thus much easier to rank. However, attempting to rank "New York Lawyer" will be more challenging to rank by comparison.

Both examples require different strategic approaches to rank the GMB listings in the 3-pack on the first page of Google.

Attempting to rank both scenarios with the same effort would be a highly inefficient use of time and effort.

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