How To Rank Google My Business Listings at Scale


(the long name for this software is: Brute Force SEO "EVO III" "The Revenge")

The software to be used next on the list has a long name, so we'll call it EVO III (or EVO 3).

What is EVO 3?

EVO III leverages the power of YouTube live streams and Google Sites for influential citations to your target GMBs. EVO 3 produces unique video content each time you run it and live streams it to YouTube.

Why should one use EVO 3?

Leverage the power of YouTube and live streams for influential citations to your target assets. 

Each video produced generates a citation to your GMB.

These videos rank exceptionally well in Google SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) and YouTube search results. 

EVO 3 is incredibly powerful and easy to use, which is why many of our customers solely use EVO 3 to rank their GMBs and related websites.

What is the process of using EVO 3?

* One upside? You have all the content you already need to give EVO 3 a test ride since you've run campaigns on the previous software on the list.

* Here's how EVO 3 works:

  • For each campaign run, you can input eight keyword phrases and their locations.
  • VIDEOS & CITATIONS: Other members using this software are part of the EVO 3 network. Each time EVO 3 produces a video, links to this video appear almost instantly in the description of other members' videos, thus giving your videos lots of incoming link power.
  • GOOGLE SITE: Next, for each keyword phrase (maximum 8 per run) that you entered into, EVO 3 produces one highly-optimized Google Site page for each of these keyword phrases. These Google Site pages rank very well. Plus, each video embeds in each of these Google Site pages using the exact keyword phrase. As with the above feature where members' videos benefit yours, in the same way, Google Sites belonging to other members also link to the new Google site created for you. These incoming links provide many influential tiered links to the URLs you added inside your EVO 3 campaign.
  • PDF, DRIVE & EMBEDS: EVO 3 produces a PDF containing all the links created by EVO 3, the YouTube videos, and the Google Site's optimized pages. EVO 3 uploads it to, makes the PDF "public" (and now indexable by Google). Next, EVO 3 embeds this PDF (on in each optimized Google Site page. This embed process produces tiered links to the links inside the PDF, resulting in deeper tiered links to (a) the links inside the description box of the videos and (b) the Google Site pages.
  • YOUTUBE PLAYLIST: YouTube Playlists can rank very well on page one of Google. When you set up your EVO 3 campaign, the first keyword phrase you input in the software becomes the Playlist label/name. This way, EVO 3 leverages the power of Playlists for your benefit.
  • YOUTUBE URL TRAFFIC: In setting up your campaign, you have the option to add an existing YouTube URL as the first video to appear in the created playlist. You can use a YouTube video that could use more traffic. This process helps drive more links towards this YouTube video to help it rank effectively in YouTube search and Google organic search results. Lastly, EVO 3 embeds this YouTube Playlist on the main page of the created Google Site as mentioned above.
  • YOUTUBE GENIUS: Our latest free addition to the EVO 3 software is "YouTube Genius."

If you want to rank your Google map listing (GMB) or any properties, you'll enjoy how simple yet powerful it is to use YouTube Genius.

What is the process of using YouTube Genius?

  • If you desire to rank a GMB:
  • Input the GMB share URL, Maps URL, and NAP (Name, Address, Phone #) in the description box of a YouTube video.
  • Save the video and input the YouTube video URL into YouTube Genius. Press start.
  • YouTube Genius will present a text file (.txt) containing 30 URL variations for this one YouTube Video.
  • Add these 30 URL variations into an EVO 3 project, which generates an enormous number of links to those URLs. These URLs link to your video, giving your Google My Business listing an incredible amount of inbound link power.

Let's revisit the "List of Software Used Accordingly":

  1. [DONE] Live Rank Sniper: Test for "low-hanging fruit" results
  2. [DONE] Twitter Citation and Link Monster: Leverage the power of Tweets and Moments to rank GMB for less-competitive niches/locations
  3. [DONE] Ultimate GMB Maps Blaster: To boost rankings for the search terms that did not rank with the previous step
  4. [DONE]   GMB Dominator: To boost rankings for competitive niches and across more locations
  5. EVO III: Leverage YouTube live streams and Google Sites for influential citations to your target GMBs

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