How To Rank Google My Business Listings at Scale


Create teams to handle different workflows

* Team 1 > Keyword Research Team: A team or one person is dedicated to keyword research only.

  • Share the two resource links I provided at the top of this article, one to the course and the other to the Facebook post. Those two resources will get them savvy to create golden opportunity keyword phrases and lists for each GMB.
  • Use the exact keyword phrases repeatedly for the same niches. Simply change the locations you want ranking visibility. For example, repeat the use of the exact roofing keywords. Then merely swap Sydney for Perth. Or trade New York for Florida.
  • Once traffic starts, dig deeper to discover even more fantastic search terms to use. In my Facebook post, I unpack this approach with more details.
  • They provide the next group with the search terms researched. Each group or person takes on the next task in the workflow.

* Team 2 > Image & Video Team: To serve well-paying clients and produce media that matches or enhances your clients' brands, it is worth investing in professionals who can create engaging image designs viewed across the web.

  • Searchers will view your media across Google organic results, YouTube thumbnails, Google Images, Twitter Moments, Google Sites, YouTube search results, and more. The quality images you publish lend credibility to your clients' brands.
  • To increase conversions from your media, supply better-quality images and videos.
  • Research your Niche in Google to discover quality images used in the business categories you're targeting. Copy it as a reference and inspiration, and use it as a model for your content. Outsource to a designer on Fiverr. Modify the copywriting and include call-to-action factors, i.e., adding a phone number. Often, your design modifications will be an improvement over the original.
  • Repurpose the images for other locations in the same niche.
  • My personal preference is to use up to 8 different images per EVO 3 project. As EVO 3 produces video slideshows from your photos, the eight images give the finished videos variety in their thumbnails, reducing the potential spammy look you want to avoid. When your videos rank on Google, perhaps in the video carousel, the varying video thumbnails will look amazing while boosting your brand's exposure.

      Video Content

      • EVO 3 produces a unique video regardless of your media source. It may be a downloaded YouTube video (if your purpose is link building only) or a combination of photos.
      • However, if you're promoting a client, use their video content (if they have videos available for use from their YouTube channel).
      • If you're using images in EVO 3 to produce unique videos, outsource a Fiverr gig to have it created for you. You can scour YouTube for a 2-3 minute video in your niche as inspiration to share with your Fiverr service provider to create something similar for you.
      • My preference is video clips that are a maximum of 2-3 minutes in length.
      • For well-paying clients, I like to have 5 unique videos to use in EVO 3.
      • Idea: You can use the same videos in one niche for various locations. As long as you keep the video quality high, yet generic, you can use them repeatedly for locations all over the world.

        * Article Writing: Assign to Team 1: Keyword Research Team:

        • If you're running EVO 3 to build links fast, here's a short process:
        • Google search for "niche + articles" (replace "niche" with the name of your target niche)
        • Copy one paragraph from each of the top 3 website results
        • Paste & run the three paragraphs in a spintax creator
        • Paste the spintax content into EVO 3. Run EVO 3.
        • EVO will produce a unique version of the spintax article every time it creates a video or Google Site. This process works incredibly well.
        • If you're promoting a well-paying client, here's a short process:
        • Outsource five unique articles written for the client's niche.
        • Research top articles in this niche to supply to a Fiverr writer as inspiration for your articles.
        • Spintax the produced articles in EVO 3. Do include your client's business name in the articles.

        * EVO Software License on VPS:

        • My recommendation is to assign one or more computers to each member of your team.
        • Ideally, one PC and one or more VPS (Virtual Private Server) to operate EVO (and the other software on the list).
        • Start with the first software and approach on the list as described in this article. Get low-hanging fruit results fast, then progress through the list of software as required.
        • Each computer will require an additional EVO 3 license. For additional EVO 3 licenses, you can reach our support team at

        * Scaling With Systems and Your Team:

        • It's a common fact that McDonald's achieved global success through their excellent training manual that teenagers can run 90% of the operation purely by what they read in the training manual. Training people with the quality of their exceptional training manual is the key to their success.
        • It's the same with this process. Your first hire to your team should be determined by how well you think your contractor can build a training manual for their role or tasks from the outset.
        • Focus your time on training your initial hires very well. Then get them to create the manual for the following staff, and you'll be able to scale fast.
        • Hire one person to fill spots on Teams 1 (Keyword Research), 2 (Image & Video), and 3 (Article Writing). Focus on helping them be as good as possible, then assign them the task to begin documenting what they do once they are up to speed and when you're happy with their performance.

        * Team 3: Software Deployment Team:

        • The leading team is team 3. This team operates the software to rank GMB's and associated websites, videos, and more.
        • Typically Team 3 will be handling the maintenance of the GMBs over time and growing the number of terms and locations they are ranking in.

        * Know Your Metrics

        • With this data, three team members can promote and rank X amount of GMBs and maintain X amount of GMBs.
        • Now you know what your fixed costs are. You know how many GMB's this team is ranking. From this data, you can predict how many people you will need to scale to X.
        • The more work you put into your original team, the better your agency will work at scale. Any minor bugs at the start will amplify with scale. So pay attention to getting the start as smooth as humanly possible and make it repeatable.
        • When you take on the next level of staff, refine your manual for each team.


        Our Support

        Each of our software comes with training manuals. Plus, you have access to our support team. We're known for providing the best online support for anyone in our industry. That didn't happen by chance, and it evolved over some time. If I can do it, anyone can.


        The secret is to find people who love doing what they are good at. 

        • Some people LOVE researching but hate the thought of having to design an image.
        • Some people LOVE creating beautiful designs but couldn't think of anything worse than running software on a PC. The reverse is true also. 
        • Some people hate all the above but LOVE bringing people together and forming teams.
        • Some people LOVE sales, talking to people and letting them know about excellent products, while others get anxious at the thought of doing that.


        In summary:

        If you want to scale, find the right people for the right jobs. 

        Your role is to find these right people, provide oversight, and help them as much as possible, especially at the beginning stages. Then let them take over and grow in their roles.

        Compensate them accordingly to the growth achieved. Everyone's happy. 

        In the following article, I'll be discussing leads. Without customers, scale means nothing. Keep an eye out for this article.

        Peter Drew

        Article by Peter Drew, who started his online SEO journey back in 1995, when there were only 50 million people online. That’s 9 years before google released their search engine to the public. He has helped over a 100 thousand people and business’s rank their content high in the Google index during this time.

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